Dr Dimitrios Borousas MD FEBU

Surgeon Urologist Andrologist

Dr Dimitrios Borousas MD FEBU, is a surgeon urologist, specialized in reconstructive urology and andrology.

He is a retired Master doctor at the Greek Navy, fellow of the European Boards of  Urology, co-founder of AndroClinic, and an active member of the Sava Perovic Foundation (International Center for Corrective Genital Surgery).

He participates in many international conferences and training courses, as a speaker or trainer.


He is a founding member of ESARA (European Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Andrology), a member of the Hellenic and European Urological Society (HUA and EAU), a member of the European and International Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM and ISSM) and an active member of the International institute of reconstructive Urology and Andrology “Sava Perovic”.

His main specialization is penile and urethral surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the external genitalia (Peyronie’s disease, phalloplasty, congenital anomalies, sex redefinition), male and female urinary incontinence, male infertility and genital microsurge.