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Acne is a dermatological condition that occurs when oiliness and dead skin cells block the pores. It is commonly expressed as spots and pimples.

Acne mainly affects boys and girls in adolescence, usually improves in adulthood and often has serious psychological consequences for adolescents.

The main cause of acne is the imbalance of hormonal levels, especially testosterone, which can significantly increase. As a result, the skin glands produce more sebum and oiliness. Sebum is released from the pores in order to protect the skin and keep it hydrated. Acne mainly affects people when it comes to oiliness and dead skin cells. If germs enter the pores, the result can be swelling, redness and pus. Symptoms of acne include red, white or blackheads. These can appear on the face, neck, shoulders, back or chest. Large spots with deep roots are called cystic lesions. These spots can cause pain if infected, and can leave permanent scars on the skin, known acne scars. For all these reasons it is important to treat acne by a specialist doctor.

Acne is categorized into two major categories: inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne. Inflammatory Acne includes inflammation, which is expressed with pus, fluid, pain and other accompanying symptoms, at the same time that Non-Inflammatory Acne is expressed only with small spots.

There are many award-winning effective treatments that can help treat acne and reduce the symptoms that Dr. Face at Athens Beverly Hills  Medical Group.

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Acne Treatment

Dermatological Nanotechnology Peeling
Nanotechnology peeling are used in dermatology to cause an acceleration to the cycle of the cell in order to purify, nourish and hydrate them, fighting the signs of time on the skin, discoloration or seborrheic...
The first and main achievement of a cleansing is to improve the condition of the skin.
The most important factor that disturbs the balance of the skin tissue is the hypersecretion of seam, which is due to hormonal disorders, stress, poor nutrition, environmental pollution, and climatic conditions. Unnecessary seam, develops bacteria...
It was designed in the United States and in Aesthetic medicine is considered as one of the most important scientific applications of low intensity light, which has not only been awarded, but it is the only FDA-certified and EU-certified.
Photodynamic Celluma therapy, by using NASA know-how, is a multidimensional, efficient medical device designed to improve your health and help you look younger and shinier! ...

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