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Cellulite: Now you can win this battle

Cellulite is number 1 enemy of most of the women. Also known as orange peel, it is a “privillege” of women and it is not always related with increased weight. This is just a myth. As it is a myth that it will go away if you lose weight.

What is certain is that lifestyle is directly linked to cellulite, which occurs in the most crucial places, such as the buttocks, thighs, and even the inside of the arms, abdomen and calves.

It is estimated that cellulite “hits” eight in ten women from adolescence. Even very thin women face the problem of cellulite and the reason is the following.

Cellulite is not a simple fat accumulation. This is a real medical  condition. The appearance of cellulite includes filtration  of the connective tissue with fats and water, which is accompanied by a decrease in skin elasticity, swelling (swelling) and the appearance of the characteristic unevenness of the skin (orange peel).

Everything you need to know about cellulite

Cellulite is not a matter of weight nor age. Cellulite occurs in both thin women and women of all ages. Factors that lead to it are: poor diet, lack of exercise, reasons for hormonal disorders and pregnancy.

The cellulite scale is measured in 3 stages. From stage 1 where one has to press the skin to see the characteristic puddles, up to stage 3 where there is a strong appearance of orange peel.

Depending on the scale of the cellulite, there is an optimal plan that we can follow to fight it.

Initially the basic steps are adequate water consumption, balanced diet and exercise!

But we can definetely win the war by following specific instructions!

Before applying any treatment, it is important to properly evaluate each case. The stage of cellulite should be identified, medical history taken to rule out hormonal disorders and medication that may exacerbate the problem, and then a treatment plan should be performed to ensure effectiveness.

How does cellulite appear?

In the female body, the fat cells, which are closer to the skin, are enclosed in elongated thin “pouches”, which are formed with the help of connective tissue. In the male body, however, with the help of connective tissue, a durable network of diagonal collagen fibers is formed.

This practically means that when a woman does not eat properly, does not exercise, drinks, smokes, has stress, the fat cells in her body grow, “swell”, pushing the thin “pockets” of connective tissue upwards, resulting in the formation of on the surface of the skin the characteristic appearance of orange peel. In men, on the other hand, the connective tissue structure resists the pressure exerted by the swollen fat cells and their skin remains smooth. That is why they rarely have cellulite.

Cellulite in advanced conditions even causes pain. The skin, which suffers from cellulite, becomes soft or hard.

The causes of cellulite

The causes that cause it are mainly bad perspiration and hormonal disorders, but also smoking, excessive alcohol use, sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits, stress, heredity, constipation, which are also factors, which intensify its appearance.

It is important to know that cellulite is divided into three stages, which determine its severity.

Stage A cellulite, also known as “loose cellulite”, is characterized as low-grade and is seen after “pinching” the thigh area, for example.

Stage B cellulite, also called “edema”, is moderate and evident in the upright position.

Stage C cellulite, the most advanced, called “compact”, is extensive, the body becomes more compact and sore, and becomes apparent in both standing and lying position.

Women, who accumulate fat more easily in the hip area, are more likely to develop cellulite.

How it is treated

Cellulite is a complex phenomenon and its treatment requires constant and systematic effort, with the first and best change in lifestyle and diet. Applying slimming products certainly helps, but fighting cellulite requires patience and a holistic, multifaceted approach.

So, whoever wants to get rid of cellulite, to know that this is possible, but also that it is not a problem that should be remembered only in spring, when clothes become a little more revealing and we are slowly preparing for summer and swimsuit appearances. It is not a seasonal problem. But it requires action on a daily basis.

Today, fortunately, science offers many possibilities in the treatment of cellulite. And yes, there is a definitive solution to this, as long as – in addition to the treatments we have at our disposal – we implement a balanced diet and exercise plan.

Tightening and Regeneration - Vagina Lift

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Atrial atrophy is the loss of the natural structural thickness of collagen and of the form of vaginal tissue that can occur either with aging or after childbirth.

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There is no bleeding after application and there is no recovery time .

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