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Obesity is a major health problem of the modern lifestyle and is considered a global epidemic in developed and in developing countries. It is also the cause of many other health problems that affect both the quality of life and the survival expectancy of the obese patient. For this reason, modern medicine has been trying for years to find the ideal treatment for obesity.

Obesity is a disease recognized by the World Health Organization and given the global increase in the number of patients (the number has tripled since 1975), it has been considered a global pandemic since the late 1990s. The most important reason is the adoption of a western lifestyle, with a decrease in exercise and an increase in calorie intake by consuming processed foods high in sugars and fats.
It has a negative impact on sufferers. Quality of life is poorer and life expectancy is lower than average. The risk of cardiovascular attacks increases dramatically, in part due to the very high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Excess weight causes bone and joint problems, further reducing mobility and therefore the ability to exercise. And what is not yet understood by the general population is that obesity is a very important aggravating factor for the development of various cancers, such as esophagus, colon, breast and endometrium.
Many obese people suffer from metabolic syndrome. It is characterized by central obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes, in combination with insulin resistance. Patients with metabolic syndrome find it even more difficult to lose weight as, due to the coexisting problems, they may be excluded from certain diet or exercise programs, as there may be an increased risk of complications.
Apart from all the above, we must not forget the psychosocial weight that accompanies obesity. Many sufferers experience emotional disturbances (anxiety disorders, depression, etc.), low self-esteem, and body image disorders. Obesity is a stigma and sufferers are discriminated against in the workplace, in education also in the field of health and in interpersonal relationships. These discriminations further increase the psychosocial disorders of the sufferers. Obesity is a multifactorial disease with highly complex etiological and aggravating mechanisms, and oversimplification of unwillingness exacerbates discrimination, and prevents sufferers from seeking specialized multifactorial medical care.
Medically Assisted Weight Loss is aimed at:
• People who fail at lifestyle changes (exercise and a balanced diet)
• People who repeatedly manage to lose weight, but stopping the diet is accompanied by weight gain.
• People who for medical reasons can not follow diet and exercise programs

The reasons for the success of Medically Assisted Weight Loss are multiple. From the beginning, the patient who goes to the doctor, and especially to an obesity surgeon, has accepted the extra weight as a significant health problem, and is determined to follow any treatment. The specialist doctor, with extensive experience in the management and treatment of obesity, and a deep understanding of the psychology of the patients, but also the complexity of the causes of obesity, is the most suitable person to understand the specifics of each patient. The doctor has experience in all weight loss techniques, including pharmacotherapy, endoscopy and surgery. With the use of combinations of medication, endoscopic techniques and obesity surgeries, it creates an individualized treatment plan, with the main goal of effective long-term weight loss, and reducing the likelihood of long-term reuptake.
Dealing with obesity without coordination is fragmented and unrelated. Those who can not improve their diet and lifestyle with the help of their respective professionals, or regain weight after each attempt, turn to many different dietitians in search of a solution, endocrinologists for treatment, or surgeons for surgery. There is no planning and no control, with most sufferers not even being aware of the many different options that exist. The Medically Assisted Weight Loss Specialist, with a deep understanding of the causes of obesity and personal experience in pharmaceutical, endoscopic and surgical techniques, can combine different tools to suit the needs of each patient, and based on preferences and long-term needs, create a treatment plan for effective and long-term weight loss without recurrence.

Assisted Weight Loss Department

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