Biomimetic Peptides

Biomimetic Peptides: A new technology of selective action & gradual release


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Biomimetic Peptides: A new technology of selective action & gradual release


Peptides are organic compounds, small parts of proteins consisting of two or more amino acids; the amino acid chains are the building blocks of proteins. Their origin can be both natural and synthetic. However, scientists prefer to use synthetic peptides with biomimetic activity – imitating the action of natural peptides – because they have better stability as molecules and greater efficacy within a cosmetic formula.

The role of most peptides which normally exist in the skin is regulatory. They facilitate cell communication, by transmitting messages and “prompting” the skin to function more efficiently: to repair its damage and to synthesize new collagen and elastin fibers. In addition, peptides are very effective factors in retaining moisture.

But with the passage of time the action of natural peptides decreases. Their synthetic versions are supposed to imitate this action. The smaller the amino acid chain of peptides in a medical composition, the more effective their action is, particularly in collagen production. These peptides, due to their size, can penetrate the surface layer of the skin and “trick” it by giving it the message that the collagen fibers have been damaged so as to instruct the fibroblasts to synthesize new ones.

Biomimetic peptides are small chains consisting of five or six amino acids and act as biological messengers in the cells of the skin (biological messengers). It is only the active part of a substance (eg, a hormone, an enzyme or a transporter) that “locks” into the cell receptor and carries the message. In other words, these peptides “inform” the skin cells to produce any missing component.

The peptides now find application in different areas of medical aesthetics such as:

Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Fine Line and Wrinkle Polishing, Color Tone Recovery and Elasticity

The levels of growth factors which are responsible for stimulating the intracellular components, decrease over time. The skin loses its ability to produce structural components such as collagen and elastin, with a result of premature aging. The injection of Biomimetic Peptide restores levels of growth factors and stimulates skin’s natural mechanisms to restore typical symptoms of aging, enhancing elasticity, skin firmness and luminosity.

Skin Whitening, Melasma, and Hyperpigmentation

The hypersecretion of melanin by cells found in deeper layers of the skin is expressed with the form of discolorations in the epidermis. The heterogeneous melanchromic disorders in the uncovered areas of the body, mainly in the face, are effectively treated with the technology of Biomimetic Peptide. Biomimetic Peptides are specialized in inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme which is responsible for the overproduction of melanin and the appearance of skin discolorations.

Reduce fat deposition and restore elasticity to the eye area

Edema under the eyes is due to the deposition of fat in the subophthalmic area, which in combination with the reduction of elasticity of the epidermis under the eyelids, projects outwardly forming unsightly ‘bags’. Peptide injection into adipose tissue contributes to the shrinkage of the adipocytes and prevents them from rebuilding. The area is naturally restored. As the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers is stimulated, the firm and youthful appearance of the skin is recovered in the area of lower eyelids, the “bags” disappear and the epidermis returns to her natural level.

Reduce fat deposition in any area of ​​the body and treat cellulite

Traditional treatments for local fat and cellulite treatment impose the destruction of adipocytes, a process accompanied by inflammatory reactions such as swelling, pain and bruising. By using Biomimetic Peptides for intradermal treatments for treating local fat a new era is inaugurated. It is a pioneering method which achieves shrinkage of adipocytes, controlling their size and inhibiting their re-formation. Therapies become more effective, absolutely painless and without side effects. They are applied to the facial area by redefining its contour, sculpting the double-chin and cheekbones. Also applied to any area of ​​the body where there is fat deposition and cellulitis (belly, buttocks, thighs, arms).

Treating hair loss with the world’s first hair filler

The PROSTROLANE series has the first implant of hyaluronic acid which is enriched with specialized biomimetic peptides. Their selective action stimulates the proliferation of stem cells in the hair follicle, causing the creation of a new one as it enhances blood circulation through angiogenesis. It inhibits hair loss while helping to strengthen the hair, increase its thickness and restore its luster. The result is more dense, youthful, healthy hair.


Frequently Asked Questions

Biomimetic peptides treatment targets in specific receptors and succeeds the overall restoration of the problem. It important that the patient completes the suggested plan of 2-3 treatments in order for the final result to be achieved.

Yes but not for volume restoration. Hyaluronic acid is the medium that transfers the peptides in the treated area. 

No, it is not a painful treatment as we apply anesthetic cream before.

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