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Say goodbye to heavy breast and gain back your confidence


Gigantomastia or breast hypertrophy is a phenomenon that can affect a woman during adolescence or even after significant weight gain.

Breast reduction is a procedure performed not only for cosmetic purposes but mainly for relieving from the symptoms above. Another reason that accentuates the importance of this procedure is better examination of the breast both with palpation and imaging methods such as mammograms, ultrasound, etc. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

During the procedure excess mammary gland is removed, while droopy breasts are corrected achieving smaller, lighter and more symmetrical breasts compared with the rest of the body, giving wellness, freedom of movements and better chest control is achieved. The patient gets smaller and lighter breasts that are symmetric to the rest of the body.

If the procedure is performed by an experienced and cautious plastic surgeon, the chances of jeopardising the patient’s ability to breast-feed and nipple sensitivity are negligible.

During the breast reduction procedure, the parts of the gland that are removed are sent out for pathological examination. It is not rare to identify suspicious formations during the examination of mammary gland samples. After surgery the patient may easily palpate her breasts and identify possible abnormalities in primary stage. Moreover, mammography in patients with gigantomastia who underwent breast reduction, is even more accurate, particularly in the part of the mammary gland that is close to the armpit.

Based on international protocols, Dr Athanasiou and the ABH Medical Group team, while planning any chest surgery, perform extensive clinical assessment and evaluation in collaboration with the co-operating specialized breast unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital environment. It is recommended that patients stay in the hospital overnight for their optimal recovery where it is administered intravenus antibiotic and painkillers and minimizes the feeling of pain. The patient also receives painkillers at home.

Results are visible immediately post surgery. Directly after the completion of surgery a special pressure bra is used and the patient has to wear it for one month post op. This is when the edema subsides and the final results are visible.

Possible side effects of the breast reduction surgery is edema, inflammation, bleeding and inhomogeneity of the result. Edema is quite common and natural. It subsides one month post surgery while it doesn’t create problems to the patient. Possibility of inflammation is regulated with the use of antibiotics. When the surgery is performed in a hospital environment then the possibility of side effects is minimized.

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