Buttocks Restoration Treatments

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Well-shaped buttocks is something that women of all ages dream of. From the models of Latin American women with juicy buttocks and slim waists to the most athletic bodies with round small buttocks, women and men from all over the world resort to exercise, diet and treatments in order to improve it! Results!

When we refer to the laxity of the buttocks, we are essentially referring to the laxity  of the gluteal area due to excess skin and / or adipose tissue. This results in the creation of the posterior gluteal fold towards the thigh.

What is a pseudo-fall? (Long buttocks).

When the buttock support system gradually loses its strength, the entire buttock falls and the gluteal fold expands more peripherally, causing the buttocks to lose their contour and shape.

Ptosis classification

It is important to classify the fall of the buttocks, in order to choose the most appropriate treatment and technique depending on the case and the degree of the fall.

The degree and the length of the extension of the posterior gluteal fold is the most important indicator of ptosis.

0 degree (A): No ptosis

1st degree (B): minimally observed proptosis.

2nd degree (C): Moderate degree proptosis.

3rd degree (D): Marginal ptosis

4th degree (E): Actual fall. Adipose tissue protrudes from the thigh.



  1. Liposuction and fat transfer-liposculpture. This method involves removing excess fat from parts of the body, which we use to straighten the buttocks and emphasize the natural curves of the body.
  2. Lifting threads. It is a minimally invasive and almost bloodless method of treating the relaxation of the skin and the restoration of collagen. The threads are essentially surgical absorbable stitches of various types which are applied under the skin at a certain depth. Depending on the area in which they will be applied, they “pull” the relaxed skin so that it looks firmer while at the same time causing collagenogenesis and elastin production.
  3. High Intensity Frequency ultrasound (HIFU). The device provides fractional ultrasound energy, successively to the skin, the superficial layer of fat, the SMAS level as well as the deeper layers of fat, causing gradual straightening and tightening of the skin, with lasting results. The focused energy flow of ultrasound achieves an increase in the temperature of the epidermal and subcutaneous tissues above + 65 ° C, causing the desired thermal damage. This selective and high-precision penetration, as well as such drastic effectiveness, could only be achieved, in the past, with Lifting or liposuction surgeries.
  4. Radiofrequency therapy (RF) and cavitation (Coaxmed). With the action of this device we have a strong thermal effect in the deeper tissues, while at the same time with phenomenon of cavitation is created inside the fat cells resulting in their final destruction.
  5. Injectable Treatment with polylactic acid filler

This is an injectable treatment that aims to fill the fat dystrophies that the buttocks show, to enhance the projection of the upper pole so that it has a rounder shape. It is an ideal treatment for those who do not have enough fat or do not want to have a surgery.

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Buttocks Restoration Treatments

Firm and round buttocks that captivate the eyes!
Over time, weight flactuations, especially loss and lack of exercise, the relaxation of the buttocks often requires surgical rehabilitation....
The most common treatment for local fat loss
COAXMED CRF is a state-of-the-art medical device that allows same time emission of powerful radiofrequency (RF) and low-frequency ultrasound waves (CAVITATION). ...
Bloodless face lifting and immediate body tightening
Face and body PDO threads, a treatment known as “non-injectional lifting”, a semi-invasive and almost bloodless method that aims to the skin laxity treatment and collagen rehab. ...
Feel good with the appearance of your behind
Injectable buttocks augmentation is a treatment that aims to enhance the curvature and shape of the buttocks without surgery or risk of complications. Instead it is done with the use of Lanluma®, an injectable polylactic acid...

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