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Bloodless face lifting and immediate body tightening


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Bloodless face lifting and immediate body tightening


Face and body PDO threads, a treatment known as “non-injectional lifting”, a semi-invasive and almost bloodless method that aims to the skin laxity treatment and collagen rehab.

Threads are vascular-surgical absorbable stitches that are applied under the skin, in specific depth and with specific dimension each time. Depending on the area that they will be applied, threads “pull” the loosed skin so that it can become more vital while at the same time threads lead to collagen & elastin production.

Threads are biodegradable so after their application, the human system absorbs them in 8-12 months period. Their power though, remains more since their application causes “damages” in the skin. Human system starts healing and this has as a result the production of collagen around these areas.

Threads treatment has started in the 90s, the last few years materials evolved and this led to a significant creation of new thread types for the market in order to achieve the best treatment plan with the longest duration possible.

Suitable treatment for patients that avoid scalpel
Lifting treatment with threads is suitable for patients that want to avoid surgical facelift process, or their body cannot accept total anesthesia. The treatment has less recovery time than surgical facelift, while is less painful with less money. Incisions are not required while the patient can return to his/her everyday life even the next day! The treatment is being combined with hyaluronic acid and hydroxyapatite fillers in order to achieve the best lifting possible.

Safe treatment with promptly results
Threads follow strictly the European specifications of safety (CE) while they are used many years in the medical field in surgical operations for tissue splicing. Their placement is being applied with the use of concave needles which are filled with the threads, an anesthetic cream must be applied locally before the operation. Every needle has a sterilized floss, serrated or not, with the insertion or the exit of it, the floss stays in the predetermined position.

The needles are 25 up to 100 millimeters (10 centimeters) and they are used depended on the area.

The threads are being inserted under the skin with a use of a specific technique.

Specialization of the technical threads insertion is a factor that plays a major role in the achievement of a successful and natural result. Dr. Dolly Fatsea, as a leader of ECAMS, authorized in thread treatment while trains doctors from all around the world in D-Lift technique.

Thread types
Depending on the interested area, the dermatologist or the plastic surgeon choose the correct thread type in order to have a successful result.

Tornado threads suitable for deeper wrinkles, less thread number from 60 to 80 mm, these threads are preferable for collagen activation.

Double screw threads suitable for younger patients. 30-100mm suitable for face and for collagen production within the sensitization of fibroblasts.

Cone threads & double cone

Threads with polydioxanone PDO Dual technology and caprolactone cone PCLA threads are being applied with specific protocol. Dual threads, either PDO double cone either caprolactone PCLA single cone, have been added recently into the market and they accomplish the best result with the longer duration.

Threads are being applied after detailed measurements of the face with peak accuracy.

“Lifting without scapel” achieves:
Immediate treatment of face and body laxity without operation.
Collagen production activation
Tightening and revitalization of the skin
Improvement of elasticity and of the skin structure
Angle creation and improvement of face figure
Body sculpt (tightening & lifting belly area, improvement of silhouette, buttock-thighs-breast lifting, loose arms tightening)
A treatment for all ages
Thread treatment focuses mainly on patients above the age of 30, patients that might face skin loose, bulk or vitality loss and oval-face drop. The older the patient the higher the support needed in order for the skin to produce collagen.

Obviously the treatment can be suitable even for patients in younger age, if weight loss has been preceded. This will have as a result the adipose tissue to diminish from the skin, and become more loose.

Special types of double screw threads are applied on the upper lip with combination of hyaluronic acid treatment, for the lift of the upper lip with a natural result

D-Lift Treatment for face lift and support
Dr. Fatsea applies exclusively the D-Lift therapy, which is one complete protocol for the tightening and the rebuilding of the face.

Check out what does the treatment provides.

Treatment with body threads
The awarded threads therapy is ideal for the reconstruction of laxity and tightening of the body.

Special thread types are being injected into

the inner thighs area

upper knee, which there are many cases of laxity even in younger ages
Buttock lifting
They can even be injected in the arms or the belly area!

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the area (face, neck or body) that threads are injected, the results last up to 18-24 months

It is very important, for the directions to be followed, after the thread treatment.

The use of ice after the application in order to relieve the edema.
Anti-inflammatory pills to be avoided and take paracetamol pills instead.
Avoid sleeping from the side where threads were applied, in order to avoid pressure on this body part.
Sun exposure and hardcore exercise must be avoided for 10 days.
Special supportive mask must be used, and intense chewing moves must be avoided.

Thread treatment price cannot be predetermined, it depends completely by the patient’s needs and particularities. Dr Fatsea before every application, conducts measurements and design of the area that the treatment will be applied in order to achieve the best result possible.

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