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Natural result with duration


As time passes, the first wrinkles on the forehead appear, excess skin gathers on the upper eyelids area, black circles and bags under the eyes appear. The nasomalar folds deepen, while lips loose their volume. The face contour is also affected while the neck begins to “break” and the bands of the platysma muscle (the muscle under the skin of the neck) start to appear.

All above or a combination thereof create a more tired and stressed look on the face, which, with the help of science and an appropriately trained plastic surgeon can be reversed and improved offering you a more firm and younger look.

There are many face lift techniques

The techniques facelift, that are used,are many which depend on the needs and demands of each person. However, the techniques that have to do with the rectification and restoration of the deeper layers of the face (high smas tehnique) are preferable, than the sutures which give a much shorter effect.

In ABH Medical Group we apply the so-called “custom made face lift”: after extensive and detailed facial analysis, plastic surgeon Dr. Athanasiou proposes the best possible solution, perfectly in harmony with the characteristics of your face, creating a truly uplifted and not “drawn” face.


Mid Face LiftNatural results with duration

Another characteristic of face aging is the increase of the distance of the tear drop under the lower eyelid. This creates the image of a “fallen” face, while deepening the nasopharyngeal groove.

The MID FACE LIFT technique is performed with an endoscope and involving many small and imperceptible incisions on the temporal area, which achieves midface lifting and creates a firm and younger looking face. The distance between the lower eyelid and the malar area is reduced. The nasomalar folds are lifted. The mouth angle is slightly lifted and in general, sagging of the face is eliminated, while the patient looks younger and is free of scars and sings. The procedure is performed both on mature as well as younger patients depending on the rate of sagging that is also related to biological and hereditary factors.


Brow Lift

One of the main characteristics of face aging, as presented by face measurements analyses, is laxity of the frontalis muscle with evident formation of wrinkles and a change in the arrow or ptosis of the brows.

The BROW LIFT procedure is performed with the use of a special fibre-optic endoscope that allows us to make truly invisible incisions on the head’s hair system to stretch and lift the frontalis muscle achieving a more relaxed forehead with much fewer wrinkles. The results are obvious from the very first moment while post-operative oedema subsides within 3-5 days.


Neck Lift

The neck is an area that is greatly affected by time and where aging signs are most evident. In this area is observed skin laxity and development of deep folds due to the platysma muscle, i.e. the muscle extending from the lower part of the jaw to the clavicle. Moreover, the concentration of fat in this area is very common and mostly found either underneath the skin (pre-platysma) or underneath the platysma muscle (post-platysma fat). Therefore, good knowledge of the anatomy and accurate diagnosis may correct the problems created in the area offering a solution to this problem of the face that is most obvious yet most difficult to treat.
The techniques used for neck lift are differentiated according to the diagnosis and cause of the relaxation. If it is a generalized facial relaxation, it can be treated with a total face lift. While, if it is fat accumulation above or below the platysma, it can be treated by liposuction or suspension of the muscular platysma. Each case is different and should be required thorough scrutiny to decide the appropriate treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any man or woman over 40 years old who is concerned by the changes of time on his face. However, the right time for a neck lift is something that you will decide with your doctor after detailed examination and analysis of the points you are interested in, as well as choosing the appropriate treatment – a technique that suits you.

If the patient has a small brow lift hospitalization is not necessary! But in most cases we recommend that the patient stays in the hospital for one night in order to get all the care and feel comfortable during the first hours post op!.

After the operation, tissues on the facial skin are restored to the stage they were several years before. In this way the aging of the skin continues, but much slower. Like turning the clock back for several years. Basic elements contributing to the duration of the result are the surgical technique, gene predisposition, skin and collagen quality. Equally important factors are sunlight protection, smoking avoidance and keeping constant weight. The average duration is 10-15 years.

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