Facial Reconstruction & Anti-Aging Treatments

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Aging is a natural process. it’s signs of are imprinted on our face after 20s! Practically what happens when growing up is that both muscle tone and bone density are affected. The normal fat on the face is lost, which loses its firmness and elasticity and shows the first signs of relaxation!

The most common signs of aging are

  1. The forehead gets straightened and the first wrinkler are formed. At first they can be dynamic and then they become static!
  2. The upper eyelid gradually becomes thinner and lengthens, thus covering the mobile eyelid.
  3. The lower eyelid rises and the eye becomes rounder. Fat often accumulates, creating the characteristic bag.
  4. The temple area “empties” resulting in a cavity
  5. Increases the distance from the lower eyelid to the cheek (Tear Valley formation)
  6. The distance from the tip to the upper lip increases while the tip has a downward trend!
  7. The upper lip tends to recede inwards (the mucosa becomes smaller)
  8. Intense nasopharyngeal grooves, bitterness wrinkles and mandibular ligament formation are created
  9. The fall of the middle face leads to relaxation of the contour of the face, creation of the characteristic double jaw and
  10. Relaxation of the skin of the neck!

At Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group we apply treatments aimed at relieving each of the above symptoms but we also apply protocols for total recovery of the symptoms of aging.

Facial Reconstruction & Anti-Aging Treatments

The new global trend from Hollywood, now available in Athens Beverly Hills Medial Group.
The term beautification has become a very popular term lately in the field of aesthetic dermatology. Practically, beautification refers to all the treatments that aim not just to reverse aging but to improve facial features...
Non Surgical Face Restoration
The awarded protocol D-Lift is a comprehensive protocol of treatments aiming at supporting and lifting the face, restoring the lost volume and generally correcting the visible aging signs...
The famous treatment for the total refreshment and revitalization of the face!
Fat transfer has become one of the most fascinating fields of plastic surgery. ...
Natural result with duration
As time passes, the first wrinkles on the forehead appear, excess skin gathers on the upper eyelids area, black circles and bags under the eyes appear. The nasomalar folds deepen, while lips loose their volume....

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