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Moles can be present from the birth of a person but can also appear in childhood or adolescence. They can be flat or have an appendage (they are inflammatory) and have different sizes or different color. There are moles, which remain unchanged throughout life and others that can develop into malignant melanoma.
We must pay special attention when:
• their color changes
• their size increases or decreases
• they bleed
• changes the skin around them

Dr. Fatsea along with the specialized team of experts of Athens Beverly Hills will examine the moles on the patient’s skin and in the process will decide if they should be removed.
ABCDE diagnosis
Following the international dermatological rule ABCDE, patients can identify the basic clinical features that might be a melanoma, as long as they observe the moles at regular intervals and perform their annual clinical examination at a dermatologist.
Asymmetry: Dividing the moles with a line checks whether the parts are symmetrical with each other. The symmetry indicates a normal mole, but the asymmetry indicates a suspicion of malignancy.
Border: Benign moles have smooth borders in their periphery. If their outline is irregular, this requires further checking.
Color: Variegation or discoloration of the mole indicates a risk of malignancy. Normal moles have a solid color, while a malignant can have a combination of black, brown, gray, and even blue or white.
Diameter: Benign moles are smaller in diameter than malignant ones. With a diameter of more than 6 mm the nevus is considered suspicious.
Evolving: Normal moles remain stable in size and color. Any change observed indicates danger.

In general, it is particularly important to systematically monitor any changes in the mole, such as asymmetry, blurred borders, color inhomogeneity, size, or overexposure of the skin surface.

Dermatoscopy: Dermatoscopy can and does detect the presence of melanoma early. It is a non-surgical imaging technique, with the help of a tool called a dermatoscope. The dermatologist thus distinguishes morphological features of moles which he can not detect by simple clinical examination.

Removal Treatments
The treatment of a mole, either for suspected carcinogenesis or for aesthetic reasons, consists in choosing one of the five removal methods:
U-th laser_ treatment: Focused beam of light destroys the mole by the sublimation process without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue. No stitches are required, and no scars remain. The method is suitable for new, small or flat mole.
Cauterization: With diathermy (low current) the mole is destroyed, while no sutures are required. It is a method that involves small moles and spots.
Surgical removal: This method of removing moles is selected, when moles suspected of being malignant are detected or when the size is large. In this case, the mole is removed together with the surrounding tissue and sent for histological examination-biopsy. Absorbable or non-absorbable sutures are used while the marks afterwards are almost invisible.

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