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The signs of aging are not only visible on our face. Aging affects both the neck area and the décolleté! Women daily follow the facial care routine with cleansers, creams and other products, but they often ignore the neck and décolleté area which more often show signs of aging! 

Neck is the undeniable witness of age! Many times, neck ages faster than the face. This happens for three main reasons.
The skin in the neck area (the middle layer of the skin) is thinner, since it contains less collagen. Most of the neck muscles are not attached to bone, resulting in an increased rate of loss of skin elasticity. Finally, this area has fewer melanocytes, which leads to a tendency for dryness and less resistance to damage from sunlight. Thus, wrinkles, sagging and discoloration appear on the neck and décolleté as signs of premature aging.
Appearance of brown spots on the décolleté
Brown spots are essentially sun damage. They may appear as “freckles” at a young age but over the years they acquire a brown appearance!
The first thing to do about brown spots is to prevent them from spreading further with regular use of sunscreen.
Appearance of Redness and / or varicose veins
Redness and dilated blood vessels in the chest are also caused by sun damage. Varicose veins of the neck are caused by chronic sun damage and appear also in the form of red spots.
Appearance of horizontal wrinkles (necklace lines)
Often horizontal wrinkles appear on the neck which look like a necklace! They appear from the age of 20 or even 30 and are usually due to hereditary factors!
Creation of Vertical Contractions
Over the years, the muscle tone of the flattening relaxes, and this implies the creation of vertical contractions in the neck.
Creation of vertical wrinkles and folds in the décolleté
Often, they are created both by the way we sleep and by exposure to sunlight.

Skin Relaxation in the neck area
The constant exposure to the sun and the natural aging process result in the loss of collagen and elastin which lead to skin breakdown and relaxation of the neck skin.

If the sore throat is bothering you as well, please see the treatments for the double jaw.

In Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, we apply a series of treatments that aim to improve and rejuvenate this area. Each treatment we apply results from a detailed examination and diagnosis of the needs and particularities of each case so that it has the best possible result.

Neck & Decolette Treatments

It restores volume and jawline contouring
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Profhilo is a high technology treatment for the skin rebuilding with the use of hyaluronic acid (HA).
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