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Hyperhidrosis is a common disorder, which manifests itself in the secretion of sweat in amounts greater than what one normally needs. The sweat glands secrete sweat in a larger amount than normal without any cause such as physical exercise, high temperature, very hot clothes, etc.

Hyperhidrosis can appear allover the body, or  only in specific parts of the body.

The main areas of hyperhidrosis are

Genital area
Under the breasts


Primary hyperhidrosis often occurs during adolescence and most often has an inherited background, while in some cases, primary hyperhidrosis can occur after the coexistence of intense stress with a syndrome.

Secondary hyperhidrosis manifests itself due to a pathological condition or disease. Some of these diseases can be:

Infection (HIV, etc.)
Cardiovascular lesions
Thyroid disease

Hyperhidrosis often causes emotional stress, lack of confidence, embarrassment, depression and avoidance of participation in social activities. It can seriously affect a person’s life, both socially and professionally, as it can lead to poor performance at work and hinder personal relationships.

It also involves serious functional problems as the person who has symptoms of severe hyperhidrosis can not often perform manual work!


The diagnosis of the extent of hyperhidrosis is made mainly by the starch-iodine test (Minor test). This is a qualitative assessment of hyperhidrosis. The procedure involves smearing the test area with iodine solution and then applying starch in powder form. After 5 minutes, the visual evaluation of the result follows. Areas that show excessive sweating are intensely colored, with a violet to dark black color.

Treatment – Botulinum Toxin Hyperhidrosis

Marking the treated areas , the doctor focus on the points where the treatment with Botulinum toxin type B (BoTox-Dysport) will take place.

By applying Botulinum toxin we stop the contraction of the muscle that secretes sweat from its glands.

It is a short treatment of 20-30 minutes and its duration is about 6 months.

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