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Lips are the key component of facial symmetry and aesthetics. Especially for women, the lips are a symbol of beauty and femininity. The care of the lips for a woman, begins from the years of adolescence with the use of lipstick and other products that make the lips look fuller and more attractive! 

The proportions of the lips in relation to the upper and lower part and their projection of them are characteristics that change depending on the beauty standards. However, juicy lips are always considered universally attractive!
In Europe the ratio of upper lip – lower lip 1: 2 is considered the most harmonious!
While aging and affects the lips!
Appearance of wrinkles
Over the years vertical lines (wrinkles) develop on your upper lip, which sometimes extend over the lips, smoking can also cause these wrinkles. When the lines of the lips become static and intense, they affect the way your makeup looks or the gloss of your lips and can give a more aged look!
Bulk loss
As we age, our body produces less collagen and elastin, which are essential for the skin to look full and shiny. Lips are no exception. Without collagen production, the lips can lose their fullness and become very thin. The upper lip tends to bend inward and losing its shape.
In Athens Beverly Hills we apply a series of solutions that aim to improve the lips and highlight them according to the proportions of each person in a natural way!

Treatment with hyaluronic fillers_ 3D Lips

Hyaluronic acid is used as an injectable material to increase volume in various areas of the body. Hyaluronic acid fillers moisturize the skin, as they control the water content in the tissues, giving elasticity and volume as well as a hydrated and glossy look!
The NEW 3D Lips technique combines the application of two fillers of hyaluronic, of different molecular weight, giving volume, intense contour and straightening!

• Outline ReShape – Tone the lip contour
• Volume Enhancement – Fill for fleshy effect
• Lip Lift – Upper lip lift with the thread technique

Lip Shortening
Upper lip augmentation is a minimally an invasive procedure performed through small incisions at the base of the nose (in the shape of a pelican). Excess skin is removed and thus the ideal length of the upper lip is achieved.
The operation requires local anesthesia and does not last more than 30 minutes. The upper lip erection minimizes the nasolabial distance, highlights the mucous membrane of the upper lip that has receded and restores the formation and balance in the lips.

Lip Treatments

Hyaluronic acid: the next best thing in volume restoration
With the assistance or biotechnology, hyaluronic acid is produced in laboratories with the safest methods and is submitted to modifications that increase its duration, its volume and degradation time. It is available in various densities...
Lips & Nose harmonized and balanced
Lips are a symbol of femininity, attractiveness and sexuality. Full and more fleshy lips is an element of health, youth and increased femininity. ...

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