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Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group operates a complete aesthetics department equipped with the most innovative equipment. With a full range of services, the beauty treatments aim at the deep cleansing of the skin of the face and the body, the detoxification but also the restoration of diseases and symptoms that damage the skin!

Every day we are exposed to environmental toxins. Even our simplest daily habits can expose us to many common pollutants found in the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe. While our liver, kidneys and lymphatic system play a major role in removing harmful elements, our body has not used to deal with the number of toxins with which we interact every day. Detoxification systems can easily overflow, causing toxin overload. This happens when your body gets more toxins than it can process.
In addition to the vital organs, every day our skin comes in contact with extremely large amounts of pollutants resulting in dead cells and “dirt” accumulating on our face. While we can not avoid this accumulation, we can take care of the systematic cleansing of our skin.

Like our teeth, the skin needs to be examined and cleaned by a trained professional every now and then to maintain a healthy one.
In addition to detoxification and cleansing, the aesthetics department is the first station to treat a number of conditions such as

• Acne and Scar Treatment
• Discoloration and spots
• Rosacea
• Intense oiliness
• Intense dryness
• Dull skin

Our specialized team of cosmetology, studies in depth the needs of your face with a special dermal analysis machine and selects the appropriate treatment for you based on achieving optimal results.

Skin Care & Aesthetics Department

It is the ideal treatment for men and women who want a toned and athletic body.
Tesla Forner strengthens muscles, helps increase muscle mass & shapes body shape by utilizing FMS (Functional Magnetic Stimulation) technology. Targeting muscles that are difficult to activate during exercise, it stimulates up to 50,000 abdominal contractions...
It is the ideal treatment for men and women of all ages and for all skin types.
The Hydro-facial treatment is becoming more and more popular, over the last years among aesthetic treatments while also it is considered to be the Red Carpet treatment of celebrities. This is due to the fact...
The New Revolutionary therapy for Non-Surgical FaceLift and Body Sculpting
HIFU FINESSE is the latest word of robotic technology, for various specialties, that created the ultimate High Intensive Focused Ultrasound (H.I.F.U.) device....
Silkpeel Dermabrasion Treatment with Diamonds
According to the Union of Plastic Surgeons of America, Dermabrasion with diamonds is one of the top 5 non-invasive therapies with visible & immediate results....
The first and main achievement of a cleansing is to improve the condition of the skin.
The most important factor that disturbs the balance of the skin tissue is the hypersecretion of seam, which is due to hormonal disorders, stress, poor nutrition, environmental pollution, and climatic conditions. Unnecessary seam, develops bacteria...
Dermatological Nanotechnology Peeling
Nanotechnology peeling are used in dermatology to cause an acceleration to the cycle of the cell in order to purify, nourish and hydrate them, fighting the signs of time on the skin, discoloration or seborrheic...

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