Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group introduces the NEW ABH Hair Clinic Think…& Grow Rich!

Think…& Grow Rich!

Athens Beverly Hills (ABH) Medical Group, as part of the continuous development of its services, is launching the new state-of-the-art ABH Hair Clinic, which will offer comprehensive services for the treatment of hair loss.

ABH leads the way in Greece, providing comprehensive healthcare and beauty services in the fields of Aesthetics, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and Bio-Regenerative Medicine, following the global trend of healthy aging. The ABH Hair Clinic comes to cover a great need, with innovative treatments such as PRP, Exosomes, Biomimetic peptides, hair transplantation and specialized diagnostic tests, such as the DNA Trichotest, providing a holistic approach to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to hair loss.

With the aim of providing excellent healthcare and beauty services, the experienced medical team of ABH Hair Clinic is at the side of every man and woman facing problems of mild or even advanced hair loss with personalized treatment protocols tailored to their needs. Also, for the first time, special service packages have been created, named Grow Vital, Grow Strong, Grow Drastic and Grow Rich, which offer fully targeted and integrated solutions for lasting results.

Our goal, at ABH Hair Clinic, is to significantly boost self-confidence and change the life of every patient.

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