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As part of the ongoing training and development of the trained staff of Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, a great training was organized with the team of EMED, the manufacturer of Argon Plasma, so that the new and old members of our medical team can be trained and be introduced to this latest technology trend by the pioneers in the field.

EMED, the manufacturer of Argon Plasma, has been specializing in electrosurgery since 1995. Argon Plasma is the ultimate innovation!
• No incisions & scars
• Slightly traumatic
• With minimal recovery time
• Real Skin Tightening

What is Argon Plasma?
Argon Plasma is based on the state of plasma, which is the fourth state of matter (solid, liquid, gas and plasma). This is clarified in order to differentiate it from the other type of medical plasma that we believe is the type of liquid part of the blood, such as when you donate plasma to the blood bank. It is this type of ionized gas plasma that allows the skin to be truly tightened in the 21st century.

Argon Plasma in practice
The training was followed by a surgery in a special case, which was performed by the medical team of Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group under the supervision of the EMED training team. This case showed signs of intense and extensive relaxation in the areas of the abdomen, thighs and arms, which was caused after heavy weight loss.

The result was extremely impressive, with the EMED team being very satisfied with the way their technology is used and applied in our clinic and the patient being completely satisfied with the result.
We would like to thank EMED team for their trust in our clinic and the honor of personally educating the new members of our medical team.
At Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group we are at the forefront of medical developments and pioneering technologies and we remain faithful to our philosophy, the provision of high quality services, which aim to improve the external appearance and overall health of the individual and are an integral part of beauty and wellness!

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