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Firm and round buttocks that captivate the eyes!
Over time, weight flactuations, especially loss and lack of exercise, the relaxation of the buttocks often requires surgical rehabilitation....
The most popular treatment for the complete renewal and rejuvenation of the body!
D-Shape is a complete treatment protocol that aims at the overall improvement and sculpting of the body. It has been discovered and applied exclusively by Dr. Dolly Fatsea, a dermatologist specializing in cosmetic medicine, and...
Beautiful breast has no age!
The female breast is a symbol of femininity and fertility for every woman....
Feel beautiful with the image of your breasts!
Breast augmentation is a procedure of choice for million women around the world in order to correct the shape and size of their breasts, which is no longer satisfies them, because of the laxity or...
For a Sculpted & Defined Male Chest
This is an advanced procedure involving the placement of implants to enhance and define the male chest area. The implants used are made of silicone, offering a natural look and feel as they conform to...
The most advanced Thermage® FLX exclusively at ABH
Thermage is the leading, non-invasive radio frequency (RF) treatment for skin tightening and rejuvenation. It uses the most advanced radio frequency technology that heats up the deepest layers of the skin that are rich in...
Total reconstruction and restoration post pregnancy
Many women, that have given birth or have breastfed, notice that their body changes and they feel the need to reinstate it to its previous situation, mainly for aesthetic reasons, in order to boost their...
Feel beautiful with the image of your breasts
By the term breast asymmetry, we mean the asymmetry in the size, shape, and position of the two breasts. ...
The most sophisticated liposculpture method exclusively in ABH Medical Group
Fat accumulation in certain areas of the body may cause problems for certain women as well for men. In some cases, even thinner people face what we call “stubborn fat” issues. Stubborn fat around the...
Feel good with the appearance of your behind
Injectable buttocks augmentation is a treatment that aims to enhance the curvature and shape of the buttocks without surgery or risk of complications. Instead it is done with the use of Lanluma®, an injectable polylactic acid...

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Our team, in Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, handles Our team, in Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, daily handles patients who wish to travel from abroad to undergo their procedure with us.

Our specialized team of experts will guide you through all the steps from consultation to surgery while we will take care of your transportation and accommodation while you are in Greece. patients who wish to travel from abroad to undergo their procedure with us.

Home Care by ABH

Fast Recovery at the ease of your home with the “Home Care” program by Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group.

After your surgery, it is essential to receive appropriate care and respect recovery time. Your body needs time to be back to normal and to achieve optimum results.

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