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The most advanced autologous mesotherapy treatment guarantees a youthful and shiny skin!
The most advanced autologous mesotherapy treatment guarantees a youthful and shiny skin! ...
It restores volume and jawline contouring
Hydroxyapatite is an injectable dermal filler with calcium that aims to restore volume and natural contour of the face by promoting the production and deposition of natural collagen, a normal soft tissue filler of the...
The most common treatment for local fat loss
COAXMED CRF is a state-of-the-art medical device that allows same time emission of powerful radiofrequency (RF) and low-frequency ultrasound waves (CAVITATION). ...
Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group recommends you the new revolutionary method Uth Laser.
Uth laser is the first and unique laser that, due to the innovative double technology that has, it combines high standard wavelengths 10600 nm and 1540 nm into sequentially or simultaneously fractional emission. When these two...
Biomimetic Peptides: A new technology of selective action & gradual release
Peptides are organic compounds, small parts of proteins consisting of two or more amino acids; the amino acid chains are the building blocks of proteins. Their origin can be both natural and synthetic. However, chemists...
Profhilo is a high technology treatment for the skin rebuilding with the use of hyaluronic acid (HA).
Profhilo treatment is a new revolutionary and non surgical treatment that restores skin laxity and wrinkle smoothing in the face and neck. It improves the skin tone and texture while it deeply hydrates it. It...
Say goodbye to expression wrinkles with the help of botulinum toxin!
Time flies over us and leaves skin marks behind. Gradually thin lines start to appear, known as wrinkles. Wrinkles firstly reflect our facial expressions and while we grow up, they become more deep and vivid.....
Get rid of local fat instantly and safely
The accumulation of fat in the face and the body is a phenomenon that worries both men and women of all ages. Especially with the passage of time, the loss of stubborn fat which is...
The most advanced Thermage® FLX exclusively at ABH
Thermage is the leading, non-invasive radio frequency (RF) treatment for skin tightening and rejuvenation. It uses the most advanced radio frequency technology that heats up the deepest layers of the skin that are rich in...
Bloodless face lifting and immediate body tightening
Face and body PDO threads, a treatment known as “non-injectional lifting”, a semi-invasive and almost bloodless method that aims to the skin laxity treatment and collagen rehab. ...
The New Revolutionary therapy for Non-Surgical FaceLift and Body Sculpting
HIFU FINESSE is the latest word of robotic technology, for various specialties, that created the ultimate High Intensive Focused Ultrasound (H.I.F.U.) device. ...

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Our team, in Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, handles Our team, in Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, daily handles patients who wish to travel from abroad to undergo their procedure with us.

Our specialized team of experts will guide you through all the steps from consultation to surgery while we will take care of your transportation and accommodation while you are in Greece. patients who wish to travel from abroad to undergo their procedure with us.

Home Care by ABH

Fast Recovery at the ease of your home with the “Home Care” program by Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group.

After your surgery, it is essential to receive appropriate care and respect recovery time. Your body needs time to be back to normal and to achieve optimum results.

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