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The most advanced Thermage® FLX exclusively at ABH
Thermage is the leading, non-invasive radio frequency (RF) treatment for skin tightening and rejuvenation. It uses the most advanced radio frequency technology that heats up the deepest layers of the skin that are rich in...
A revolutionary biodegradation therapy
Nucleofill therapy is a revolutionary biodegradation therapy. Nucleofill consists of a new set of natural biostimulants based on polynucleotides, with higher values, for protection and rejuvenation of the skin....
The first and main achievement of a cleansing is to improve the condition of the skin.
The most important factor that disturbs the balance of the skin tissue is the hypersecretion of seam, which is due to hormonal disorders, stress, poor nutrition, environmental pollution, and climatic conditions. Unnecessary seam, develops bacteria...
Long lasting and natural results
Mesotherapy refers to the induction (infusion) of specific substances into the skin (intracutaneous injection), where a cream with epidermal use is not able to reach. Some of the substances we use are: hyaluronic acid, vitamins...
Minimally invasive treatment for skin revatilization and enhancement
RF Microneedling constitutes an innovative, slightly invasive treatment with RF radiofrequencies which revive the skin and improves elasticity. RF Microneedling treatment arouses the natural healing treatment, via collagen and elastin production, by redeveloping the damaged...
Biomimetic Peptides: A new technology of selective action & gradual release
Peptides are organic compounds, small parts of proteins consisting of two or more amino acids; the amino acid chains are the building blocks of proteins. Their origin can be both natural and synthetic. However, chemists...
The famous treatment for the total refreshment and revitalization of the face!
Fat transfer has become one of the most fascinating fields of plastic surgery. ...
Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group recommends you the new revolutionary method Uth Laser.
Uth laser is the first and unique laser that, due to the innovative double technology that has, it combines high standard wavelengths 10600 nm and 1540 nm into sequentially or simultaneously fractional emission.When these two...

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Our team, in Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, handles Our team, in Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, daily handles patients who wish to travel from abroad to undergo their procedure with us.

Our specialized team of experts will guide you through all the steps from consultation to surgery while we will take care of your transportation and accommodation while you are in Greece. patients who wish to travel from abroad to undergo their procedure with us.

Home Care by ABH

Fast Recovery at the ease of your home with the “Home Care” program by Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group.

After your surgery, it is essential to receive appropriate care and respect recovery time. Your body needs time to be back to normal and to achieve optimum results.

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