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Dr Fatsea Theodora


Dr Fatsea Theodora is a board-certified Dermatologist-Venereologist and one of the founding members of Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group (ABH Medical Group), where as a scientific coordinator of the dermatology department, she is in great collaboration with many doctors from different specialty and that gives her the advantage of 15 years of experience in the amazing sector of Dermatology.

Innovative treatments are an excellent tool in the hands of dermatologists as long as they are always used in the perspective of natural results and with respect to the uniqueness and beauty of each person…

Aesthetic Dermatology Services

The most popular treatment for the complete renewal and rejuvenation of the body!
D-Shape is a complete treatment protocol that aims at the overall improvement and sculpting of the body. It has been discovered and applied exclusively by Dr. Dolly Fatsea, a dermatologist specializing in cosmetic medicine, and...
Non Surgical Face Restoration
The awarded protocol D-Lift is a comprehensive protocol of treatments aiming at supporting and lifting the face, restoring the lost volume and generally correcting the visible aging signs...
The new global trend from Hollywood, now available in Athens Beverly Hills Medial Group.
The term beautification has become a very popular term lately in the field of aesthetic dermatology. Practically, beautification refers to all the treatments that aim not just to reverse aging but to improve facial features...
Treatments to restore hands with wrinkles, thin skin and spots!
The skin of our hands, as well as our face's, shows the first and most obvious signs of aging and our true age. However, anti-aging and reconstructive treatments of our hands can offer a youthful...
Feel good with the appearance of your behind
Injectable buttocks augmentation is a treatment that aims to enhance the curvature and shape of the buttocks without surgery or risk of complications. Instead it is done with the use of Lanluma®, an injectable polylactic acid...
Get rid of local fat instantly and safely
The accumulation of fat in the face and the body is a phenomenon that worries both men and women of all ages. Especially with the passage of time, the loss of stubborn fat which is...

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Our team, in Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, handles Our team, in Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, daily handles patients who wish to travel from abroad to undergo their procedure with us.

Our specialized team of experts will guide you through all the steps from consultation to surgery while we will take care of your transportation and accommodation while you are in Greece. patients who wish to travel from abroad to undergo their procedure with us.

Home Care by ABH

Fast Recovery at the ease of your home with the “Home Care” program by Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group.

After your surgery, it is essential to receive appropriate care and respect recovery time. Your body needs time to be back to normal and to achieve optimum results.

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At Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group we have developed  the Clinical Prevention and Anti-aging Clinic that helps you maintain your optimal health and optimize your life’s quality!

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