Buttocks Shaping with polylactic acid

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Injectable buttocks augmentation is a treatment that aims to enhance the curvature and shape of the buttocks without surgery or risk of complications. Instead it is done with the use of Lanluma®,
an injectable polylactic acid filler which stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin.

Safe Treatment_ This treatment does not have a risk of scarring or infection. Like other filler augmentation methods, it is much safer and less invasive than surgical alternatives.

Treatment with comfort: It takes place in less than an hour in the doctor’s office without the need for hospitalization and with the credentials of Dr. Fatsea and her team.

Effectiveness : The effectiveness of the treatment depends directly on how familiar the doctor is and what experience he has so as to ensure a result aligned with the rest of the body!

Suitability of treatment : This treatment is suitable for any patient suitable for injectable fillers. Meaning that there is no contraindication for their realization.

Mechanism of Action

Lanluma® has a different mechanism of action than other injections!

Instead of directly giving volume as hyaluronic acid-based fillers work, Lanluma injects a substance, poly-lactic acid at the levels of the dermis. This substance stimulates the body’s natural collagen production mechanism.

Collagen is the protein that gives the skin structure and the shape, so the Lanluma® ta fillers pay for the area of ​​the buttocks that has lost volume and firmness, so as to restore the curvature and proportions with the rest of the body.

Collagen production takes weeks to months. This means that you will definitely need 2-3 sessions in order to see the final result in shape and volume.

Lanluma ® is a product approved by the FDA for use on the face and body

How to perform buttock straightening treatment

Initially, the treated area is carefully designed, the buttocks are divided into three thirds and the areas with folds, with cellulite, with volume loss are marked so that the solution can be applied.

Once the area is very well sterilized, local anesthesia is applied so that the patient does not feel uncomfortable. The whole infusion process takes only a few minutes and then a massage and a special compression bandage are applied!

Are there any risks or side effects?

There are no serious side effects or complications after Lanluma® treatment. The patient may notice after the application

Slight bruising or redness, symptoms which subside within about a week.

Asymmetry between the buttocks, a phenomenon that is corrected at the review appointment.

Mild rash or itching in the treatment area

Instructions after applying Lanluma®

After applying the multi-lactate injection, it is recommended to avoid drinking alcohol for 2-3 days and to avoid exercising for 10 days after. Also for the next 3 weeks it is recommended that the patient refrain from radiofrequency or ultrasound treatments in the treated area.

The results of the application are not immediately visible. It usually takes 2 months for collagen production to begin to be perceived and is completed in about six months. Usually in one month the first review is done where another supplemental vial is applied. The results last about 2 years.

Ideal Candidates for this treatment

This treatment is suitable for men and women who want to add volume to the buttocks and do not want to have an invasive procedure or do not have enough fat to do fat transfer!

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