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Non Surgical Face Restoration


The awarded protocol D-Lift is a comprehensive protocol of treatments aiming at supporting and lifting the face, restoring the lost volume and generally correcting the visible aging signs.

This treatment has been invented and applied exclusively by Dr. Dolly Fatsea, specialized Dermatologist in cosmetic medicine and senior faculty member of ECAMS (European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery).

Over the years, aging signs become more and more visible appear on the skin. At early stages, face loses its volume due to collagen reduction. As shown in the picture below, this loss is observed in the forehead, under the eyes, in the cheekbones, and in the lower jawline. Furthermore, the skin gradually loses its vitality and radiance, having a more dehydrated look while spots and static wrinkles can be observed. Essentially, there is a reversal of the beauty triangle.

The principles of the “D-Lift” treatment are:

  1.  Definition of the shape and outline of the face
  2. Restoration of the Dynamic lines of the face
  3.  Follows the Direction of natural features of the face
  4. Density of collagen and volume
  5.  Invented by Dr. Dolly


D-Lift at its core includes 4 stages

Stage 1: Restoration and enhancement of the skin texture and hydration. This is achieved with a combination of autologous mesotherapy and intradermal skin boosters. Especially the application of TRU Vampire lift, succeeds an extremely high concentration of growth factors ,up to 40 times higher than the conventional methods of autologous mesotherapy while it brings back the radiance and glowing to the skin. In addition, it stimulates collagen production, preparing for the treatments to follow.

Stage 2: Wrinkle Smoothing
This stage involves treatment with neurotoxin or botulinum toxin throughout the face and neck.

Stage 3: Thread-lifting
At this step lies the uniqueness and the innovation of the treatment. The face is supported and lifted by using Polydioxanone PDO Dual double-cone technology threads and single-stranded PCLA caprolactone threads.

Dual threads, have recently entered the market and permit better and longer-lasting results, while they have all necessary FDA & CE certification. Caprolactone threads regulate and maximize collagen production. They are suitable for more “heavy” faces with greater ptosis and skin thickness

The threads are applied with maximum accuracy after detailed measurements of the face.

Stage 4: Volume restoration and skin renewal

Once the face has been properly restored and supported, then hyaluronic acid fillers are applied in order to give a more refreshed look to the skin.

It is essential to have properly supported the outline of the face before applying the fillers in order to achieve optimum results .If support and lift has not been completed, the result will be an inflated face without symmetrical proportions and harmony.

Following the individual needs of each face, hyaluronic acid fillers are applied in the area under the eyes (tear trough), in the temples and the cheekbones.

Especially for enhancing and sculpting of the lower jaw, either the Juvederm Volux® or the hydroxyapatite are used. Volux® on one hand shapes and corrects the projection of the chin and jaw, while hydroxyapatite stimulates tissue tightening and collagen production.

Finally, for restoring the neck, a new innovative filler called Profhilo® is applied. Its mixture of two different molecular weight hyaluronic acids, results to the hybrid complexes Profhilo®. Its unique features are that it is an extremely manageable material, with great spreadability that aims not at the volume restoration but at the tightening and collagen stimulation of the face and neck. Profhilo improves the extracellular environment by maintaining suitable conditions for the viability of fibroblasts and fat cells, while leading to the remodeling of the extracellular layer in terms of elasticity and support.

Frequent Questions

D Lift treatments last up to 24 months post procedure. By applying the threads and the fillers in the Supra Smas layer, not only an instant lift is achieved but the collagen production continues 2-3 months post treatment where the final result is achieved.

Not at all. All the treatments included in the D-Lift are done under local anesthesia and anesthetic cream.

  • Use a special support mask for 6-8 days a day for a week which helps reduce swelling.
  • Avoid extensive sun exposure
  • Avoid facial massages
  • Avoid physical activity
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