The most popular treatment for the complete renewal and rejuvenation of the body!


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The most popular treatment for the complete renewal and rejuvenation of the body!


D-Shape is a complete treatment protocol that aims at the overall improvement and sculpting of the body. It has been discovered and applied exclusively by Dr. Dolly Fatsea, a dermatologist specializing in cosmetic medicine, and head instructor at ECAMS (European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery).

But let’s see what happens in the female body.

Initially, cellulite does not discriminate. It appears in women who are thin or even fatter, in young or even older women.

In combination with lack of exercise and diet, relaxation, loss of firmness, but also loss of volume from the buttocks area are identified. These come to improve the D-Shape protocol.

The principles of D-Shape are:
The fight against cellulite (Spherofill) – D-estruction of Cellulite
The tightening and straightening of the relaxed skin (Threads) – D-irection Up
Tumor restoration (Volume) – D-efinition of Body Contouring
And of course his invention by Dr. Dolly – by D-olly Fatsea

D-Shape treatment includes 3 stages
Stage 1: Eliminate cellulite in one session.
This is achieved with the new revolutionary treatment against Spherofill cellulite. Its innovation lies in the combination of the shielded micro-needle with radio frequencies and hyaluronic acid, which completely destroys the fibrous septa and practically eliminates the appearance of “orange peel”, giving a smooth and firm appearance.

2nd stage: Straightening & Tightening
Thread Therapy
The threads are essentially vascular surgical absorbable sutures of various types which are applied under the skin at a certain depth and in a specific direction. Depending on the area in which they will be applied, they “pull” the relaxed skin so that it looks firmer while at the same time causing neocollagenogenesis and elastin production.

They are biodegradable, so after their application they are absorbed by the body within 8-12 months. However, their action lasts longer as their application causes “injury” and the body begins the healing process and therefore the production of collagen around them.

It is applied to the inner thighs, knees, gluteus and sub-gluteal area to restore relaxation.

Another treatment for tightening and restoring skin relaxation is hydroxyapatite fillers.

Hydroxyapatite is an injectable dermal calcium filler that aims to repair the tumor by promoting the production and deposition of natural collagen, a normal soft tissue filler in the body.

During its injection, Hydroxyapatite is involved with the collagen fibers of the tissues, creating a larger network on which the body develops new collagen. That is, simply, the hydroxyapatite microspheres activate the production of skin collagen around the area of ​​application.

Stage 3: Tumor filling either with autologous fat (lipofilling) or with polylactic acid.
Autologous Fat Transfer
It is a fat enriched in stem cells and is the most modern approach in the field of regenerative medicine. Isolation is easy and painless by collecting a minimal amount of fat from the area of ​​the body to be selected by the plastic surgeon (eg abdomen, sides or buttocks), which is transported to specialized laboratories for processing cells and tissues, for stem cell isolation.

After the enrichment of the fat with the stem cells is achieved, it is delivered in a special vial and then its implantation.

It is a technique with spectacular and permanent results in terms of repairing skin damage or tumor loss that has occurred over time.

Polylactic Acid Filler
This filler works differently from other fillers. It does not add volume directly like other types of hyaluronic acid, but diffuses polylactic acid into the skin layers, which enhances the body’s natural collagen production mechanism.

It also stimulates collagen production and the results become visible on the surface layers of the skin. In addition to the volume effect, it also gives the radiant tone and smooth texture of youthful skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The results last from 12-18 months depending on which treatments will be included in the protocol! The results are maximized as long as the patient maintains a balanced diet & exercise.

No the treatment is not painful as it is done after application of anesthetic cream and /or local anesthetic. 

ΤThe cost of this treatment varies as per the needs and particularities of each case as well as from the patient’s expectations. It is important for the medical team to conduct a proper evaluation and condition assessment.

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