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Get rid of gynecomastia immediately & painless!


This term has prevailed internationally to describe the phenomenon of oversized male breasts. Gynaecomastia usually involves a hypertrophy of the adipose tissue and mammary gland in men and in 90% of the cases this condition does not conceal any hormonal disorder and is the result of a hormonal failure during puberty when gender differentiation begins and when the secondary character of the two genders develops.

Correction is achieved through surgery. Depending on the amount of adipose tissue or mammary gland in the breasts we propose either liposuction or mammary gland removal. Most of the times we make a semi-circular incision on the lower half of the nipple and after raising the nipple as a flap with the appropriate width, we remove all remaining mammary gland. In cases of significant skin laxity, we make a circular incision around the nipple and proceed with simultaneous periareolar tightening of the breast.

Anaesthesia is usually local or combined with sedation and the patient remains at the hospital for a few hours or overnight. A special compression dressing that is not visible underneath clothes is used and should remain in place around the chest for 10 days, until stitches are removed. The chest will take its final form in 4-6 months when swelling subsides. In most cases, scars heal completely and given that most men have chest hair, they can show up without a shirt on within six months after surgery without being afraid that someone might be able to tell they’ve undergone this procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

This surgery can be done safely from the age of fourteen. When the surgery is performed at an early age, the results are better, as the patient’s skin has greater elasticity. Also, the psychological benefits for the teenager are particularly important as their self-confidence is greatly enhanced. It is very mportant, when the problem of gynaecomastia first arises, to be checked by the endocrinologist to rule out any hormonal problem. Many times boys who have this problem trying to camouflage it, by allowing themselves to get fat, in order to appear that the breast enlargement is the result of the adiposity and this, of course, when they will lose weight adds an extra skin laxity.

The surgery is performed in a hospital environment under general anesthesia or sedation in the safest conditions. The patient at the end feels a little annoyance (like a muscle tingling). The recovery time is short while it can return to its activities straight ahead. No hospitalization is required. It is recommended the use of a special elastic waistcoat for a month. Sutures are usually removed on the 8th day post-invasively.

Το αποτελέσματα είναι εμφανή από την πρώτη μετεπεμβατική ημέρα και οι τομές είναι τόσο μικρές που θεωρούνται αθέατες μετά από μικρό διάστημα.

Η συγκεκριμένη επέμβαση μπορεί να γίνει με ασφάλεια από την ηλικία των δεκατεσσάρων ετών. Όταν η επέμβαση γίνεται σε μικρή ηλικία, τα αποτελέσματα είναι καλύτερα, καθώς το δέρμα του ασθενούς διαθέτει μεγαλύτερη ελαστικότητα. Επίσης, τα ψυχολογικά οφέλη για τον έφηβο είναι ιδιαιτέρως σημαντικά, καθώς ενισχύεται σημαντικά η αυτοπεποίθησή του. Σημαντικό είναι βέβαια, όταν εμφανιστεί για πρώτη φορά το πρόβλημα της γυναικομαστίας,να ελεγχθεί από τον ενδοκρινολόγο ώστε να αποκλειστεί οποιοδήποτε ορμονικό πρόβλημα. Πολλές φορές αγόρια που έχουν αυτό το πρόβλημα στην προσπάθειά τους να το καμουφλάρουν, αφήνονται να παχύνουν ώστε η διόγκωση του στήθους να φαίνεται σαν απόρροια του πάχους και αυτό βέβαια όταν χάσουν το βάρος θα προσθέσει μία επιπλέον χαλάρωση στο δέρμα.


The results are obvious from the first postoperative day and the incisions are so small that they are considered invisible after a short period of time.

The cost of this operation is affordable. However, an assessment should be made by the team of Dr. Athanassiou to make a complete offer! The costs depend on the extent of the phenomenon and the particularities of each patient

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