Lipo Regenesis

Innovative facial rejuvenation treatment using fat


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Innovative facial rejuvenation treatment using fat


Lipo Regenesis®️ often referred to as “liquid gold,” due to its golden hue and the precious properties of the treatment.

Fat is the ultimate ally in anti-aging and beauty. This is because it contains all the substances that promote the creation of autologous tissue from scratch, namely collagen and elastin, and moreover, in the safest way, as the filler produced comes from the patient’s own body.

What are the stages of Lipo Regenesis® therapy?

The Lipo Regenesis®️ treatment harnesses the patient’s own fat to work beneficially in the following ways:

Initially, a small-scale liposuction is performed, typically from areas such as the abdomen, to obtain a sufficient amount of fat.

Subsequently, the fat undergoes special processing using cutting-edge and innovative methods, resulting in a double separation of stem cells and fat. The material obtained after processing is a high-quality autologous filler with potent bio-regenerative properties, rich in powerful stem cells.

Fat stem cells can regenerate tissue, restoring lost collagen and elastin, imparting radiance, firmness, and youthfulness to the skin. At this stage, the Lipo Regenesis®️ filler is injected into the face, providing volume and shape where needed. Simultaneously, the multi-potent stem cells offer positive benefits to the skin, resulting in the following outcomes:

  1. Restoration of volume
  2. Improvement of skin quality
  3. Enhancement of skin texture and uniformity
  4. Improvement of acne scars
  5. Treatment of hair loss
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Not at all. It is done under local anesthesia and use of non-traumatic cannula.

Directly after the treatment results are visible. The face looks fresher and more youthful. While it is possible for the patient to experience minor bruising and edema, those symptoms gradually subside during the first 48 hours post treatment.

Lipo Regenesis®️ results last much longer than other fillers. Results of this treatment might last between 18-24 months.

To maintain the results, it is necessary to follow the instructions of your dermatologist after application and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Protecting your skin from excessive sun exposure and smoking can also help maintain the benefits of the process.


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