Vaser® 4D High Definition Liposuction

The most sophisticated liposculpture method exclusively in ABH Medical Group


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The most sophisticated liposculpture method exclusively in ABH Medical Group


Fat accumulation in certain areas of the body may cause problems for certain women as well for men. In some cases, even thinner people face what we call “stubborn fat” issues. Stubborn fat around the hips, tummy and love handles is mostly an aesthetic problem, which can change the appearance and symmetry of the body.

Dr. Athanasios Athanasiou exclusively performs the Vaser 4D High Definition liposuction method, the most evolutionary and innovative method that has helped Hollywood stars to transform their bodies.

Με τη μέθοδο λιποαναρρόφησης With 4D High Definition liposuction technique, excess fat is carefully removed, in order to have flat and linear abdominal area, muscular arms, toned up buttocks (without local fat), while we can add volume and tone up the existing muscular system.

Abdominals, six packs and 4 packs, deltoids and rhesus muscles are toned up and the body has the definition, which in any other case it would take years and intensive exercise.

This creates a more athletic and linear body. Along with liposuction, lipotransfer can be applied. This means that we can transfer the removed fat by adding curves to men and women where they need it

4d Vaser Λιποαναρρόφηση


Unlike the classic liposuction method, 4D High Definition is performed with an ultrasound device machine, the Vaser. Ultrasounds break down the membranes of the adipocytes while their contents are fragmented. Practically, fat and liposomes are melted, in an untraumatical and minimally invasive way which reduces drastically tissue destruction. Ultrasound technology also allows to remove fat from specific anatomical points in order to emphasize muscles in the abdomen, arms, chest, shoulders, buttocks, legs. This kind of sculpting does not apply to the other types of liposuction.

4D-liposuction is indeed the future of liposuction as it enables the appearance and projection (allowing the physical projection of the muscles) of the underlying muscularity of the body. Fat is carefully removed, the body is reshaped through liposculpting and, where necessary, fat is injected. Thus, we can add volume and tone up the existing muscular system giving definition and shape not only to the abdominal area (6-pack), but to arms, chest, buttocks, thighs, hips and back as well while the body is reshaped and improved with permanent results.

The surgery is performed in a hospital environment with total anesthesia or sedation in the safest conditions. The patient at the end feels a little infestation (as a muscular grip). The recovery time is short while the patient can return to his/her activities after a week. Patients should give time to themselves. Post-invasive they will need to wear a resilient corset for 3-4 weeks. Lymphatic massages and ultrasound will help to reduce swelling, while stable weight and healthy diet are important in maintaining the final result.

The results are amazing! The change is apparent from the first postoperative day and the incisions are so small that they are considered obscure after a short period of time. However, the final result is visible in a month after surgery, as the edema gradually subsides. The challenge is yours, as long as you make the decision that will change your life and appearance.

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