Nano Fat Grafting

The famous treatment for the total refreshment and revitalization of the face!


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The famous treatment for the total refreshment and revitalization of the face!


Fat transfer has become one of the most fascinating fields of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeons can remove the left-over fat from a specific area of the body, such as the belly or the thigh, and transfer it into other areas of the body that bulk increase or smoothness is needed. Despite these, natural results, fat transfer eliminates the worries of an allergic or an unwanted reaction since it is product of the same human system.

Always on top line of plastic surgery, Dr. Athanasios Athanasiou offers an alternative of the traditional fat transfer, which is called nanofat grafting. Nano refers into a very small amount of fat that is used for the small lines or wrinkle fillings, as well as all the sensitive face areas. Dr. Athanasiou, with the experience of more than 3000 surgical cases, owns a wide awareness in the use of nano-fat, in order to achieve the smoothness or the burnish of the skin and a full refreshed appearance in total.

How does Nano Fat Grafting works?

The infusion of nano fat particles begins with the collection of unwanted fat from a specific part of the body such as the belly with the use of Vaser Lipo method, with the cleaning and the processing of the area and also by the use of it in order to smooth the thin lines and the wrinkles in the face area.
The mentality is almost the same with the fat transfer in the buttock area, but in a way smaller scale. Instead of rising a specific area of the body, nano fat, created for the resolution of the wrinkled skin and provide sleekness

Details for Nano processing

Nano fat grafting process does not require hospitalization. Firstly, the plastic surgeon Dr. Athanasiou, with the technique of Lipovaser, removes the left-over fat from the belly or the side areas. Then a special process follows, in which the fat is being cleansed from the excess liquids or dirt, with the centrifuge method. Fat is being infused in the face in order to achieve the wrinkle burnish, the replenishment of bulk loss and the restoration of sleekness. With this way the skin looks younger and well-rested.

While the removed fat belongs to the patient, there are no possibilities for allergic reactions or even rejection from the human system (issue that can appear with foreign substances such as fillers). Even if a presentence of fat that will be transferred will be absorbed from the human system, the bigger presentence will last for a long time.

After the nano fat grafting application edema or bruises may appear, while they disappear within a week. The results are visible immediately.

Successful results

Nano fat grafting requires know-how, specialization and attention into the details in order to be achieved successfully. Every face must be examined correctly and also it has to be designed carefully. Only with that way, a successful and natural result will occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. It is done under local anesthesia and use of non traumatic cannula.

Directly after the treatment results are visible. The face looks more fresh and youthful. While it is possible for the patient to experience minor bruising and edema, those symptoms gradually subside during the first 48 hours post treatment. 

Lipofilling results and especially those of nano fat grafting last much more longer than hyaluronic acid fillers. Results of this treatment might last between 18-24 months.

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