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Dermatological Nanotechnology Peeling


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Dermatological Nanotechnology Peeling


Nanotechnology peeling are used in dermatology to cause an acceleration to the cycle of the cell in order to purify, nourish and hydrate them, fighting the signs of time on the skin, discoloration or seborrheic appearance.

Nanotechnology peeling are considered to be more evolved and less invasive than those of the previous generation (chemicals), because during the application, their innovative active ingredients guarantee levels of penetration and effectiveness. They manage to act directly on the cells which are responsible for the appearance of skin abnormalities, thus fighting their origins and not just their manifestations. While in other applications of the treatment, they help to maintain a healthy skin and prevent the signs of aging.
Depending on the depth of penetration of their active substance they are classified into:
Superficial: causes the destroy of the keratin layer and partial destruction of the epidermis.
Medium depth: causes total epidermal destruction and partial destruction of the papillary layer.
Deep: they cause total destruction of reticular dermatitis

Before applying peeling we must take in to consideration the above factors.

The Skin phototype
The concentration of its active ingredients
PH levels of peeling
The texture of peeling
Nanotechnology peeling allow the circulation of the active ingredients, through nanometric liposomes. Practically this means more penetration and action with fewer side effects.

In Athens Beverly Hills, Dr. Fatsea and her specialized team apply the nanotechnology peeling with the following protocols

Anti Aging Light Protocol for thin wrinkles-sensitive skin

Anti aging Protocol for fine wrinkles, normal skin

Anti Aging FORTE Protocol for deep wrinkles

Light Anti-Oxidant Protocol for the preparation of the skin for the summer

Anti-Oxidant Protocol to protect and strengthen the defensive mechanisms of the skin

Intensive Moisturizing Protocol for scaly / dry skin

Firming Protocol for skin relaxation.

Anti Acne Light Protocol for Acne-Oily Skin

Anti Acne Protocol for highly acne-sensitive skin

Depigmenting Protocol for sensitive skin with discolouration

Depigmenting Forte Protocol for skin with intense melasma

Under eyebags & Dark Circles Protocol for dark circles and eyebags

peeling nano1 (1)
peeling nano2 (1)


Frequently Asked Questions

Τα αποτελέσματα διαρκούν έως και 24 μήνες. Με τον τρόπο που γίνεται η εφαρμογή των νημάτων, στο σωστό επίπεδο επιτυγχάνεται συνεχιζόμενη νεοκολλαγονογένεση και αφενός παρατηρείται άμεσο lifting effect το οποίο και συνεχίζεται για 2-3 μήνες μετά την εφαρμογή όπου και βελτιστοποιείται το τελικό αποτέλεσμα.

Όχι, η θεραπεία δεν είναι επώδυνη θεραπεία καθώς εφαρμόζεται αναισθητική κρέμα ή και τοπική αναισθησία.

Είναι σημαντικό να ακολουθηθούν οι σωστές μετεπεμβατικές οδηγίες.

  • Στη χρήση ειδικής μάσκας στήριξης για 6-8 ημέρες ημερησίως για διάστημα μιας εβδομάδας η οποία βοηθάει στην μείωση του οιδήματος.
  • Στην αποφυγή εκτεταμένης έκθεσης στον ήλιο
  • Στην αποφυγή μασαζ προσώπου
  • Στην αποφυγή έντονης δραστηριότητας
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