Profhilo/ Neck revitalization treatment

High Technology skin rejuvenation based on Hyaluronic Acid


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High Technology skin rejuvenation based on Hyaluronic Acid


Profhilo treatment is a new revolutionary non-surgery treatment that treats skin loose, smooths and flattens face wrinkles and the neck looseness while improves the tone, the texture and the hydration. The treatment focuses on clients that have visible aging signs.

As years pass, skin produces less collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the structurally elements that compose a healthy skin without bulk loss. Profhilo is a high technology treatment for the skin rebuilding with the use of hyaluronic acid (HA).

It activates four different collagen and elastin types, result of the slow hyaluronic acid liberation. This arouse has as a result the major improvement of the tissue quality and the revitalization of the skin. Profhilo is a unique treatment that can arouse the natural production of the four collagen and elastin types for the skin reconstruction.

Profhilo treatment offers the following advantages:

• Improvement of the tone and the texture of the skin
• Boost of neck’s vitality and elasticity
• Rectification
• Reinstatement of glimmer and hydration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Profhilo treatment can be applied in only 10 minutes with small injections in the face, neck and hands area. Contrary to other mainstream fillers that substitute the bulk loss or create bulk rectification, Prophilo creates a new bulk into the tissue, because of the diffusion ability. This characteristic of Profhilo makes it a unique treatment for the elasticity improvement and the area tightening, such as the neck, lower part of the face and hands, without a plastic appearance.

It is usual, for a full Profhilo treatment, to apply two sessions in a four-week range. The results after the 8th week are the visible skin tightening, the burnish of the wrinkles and the bulk restoration

Profhilo treatment is authorized while the results last up to two years.

There is absolutely no danger. In very rare cases there is a possibility of a light edema or redness that leaves after 24 hours.

This treatment is offered by Athens Beverly Hills Medical group. More information can be found by calling 2108949090 or 2108949920

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