Baby Botox + HA lips + Skin Booster mesotherapy | every Wednesday at our Kolonaki Health Clinic

| Kolonaki beauty Wednesday |

‘’Glowing Skin Is Always In’’ included in a package of 450€, every Wednesday at our health clinic in Kolonaki

The package includes: 

  • Baby Botox for wrinkle reduction, relaxed & youthful look.
  • Hyaluronic Acid for lip restoration.
  • Skin Booster mesotherapy for radiance, firmness & hydration of the skin.

Desobody 1+1 | every Wednesday at our Kolonaki Health Clinic

‘’DESOBODY’’ for a perfect body, 1+1 treatment every Wednesday at our health clinic in Kolonaki.

Get rid of local fat immediately & safely with injectable liposuction!

It’s very difficult to get rid of the local fat despite the proper diet & exercise, however the solution for the final relief from the persistent fat can be given by the DESOBODY Treatment.

The new lipolysis treatment is injectable, non-surgical, relieving simply & safety of all women and men from the local “fat pads”.

RF Microneedling + Autologous Mesotherapy

October Specials | RF Microneedling only 300€

Rejuvenate the skin by improving its elasticity with the innovative, minimally invasive, RF Microneedling treatment. 


Enjoy additional impressive results in the rejuvenation & regeneration of the facial skin with the revolutionary method of Autologous Facial Mesotherapy!

Hifu 1+1 Body Area

October Specials | HIFU Facial Firming Treatment 1+1 body area at ABH Medical Group.

Say goodbye to the relaxing face & body without a scalpel. 

The revolutionary Non-Surgical Facelift & Body Sculpting method could be found only at ABH Medical Group.

INSIDE 𝗢𝗨𝗧 Hydration

Recover the lost moisture inside & outside with the Hydration Offer INSIDE 𝗢𝗨𝗧 

From €300, only €230!

Intravenous Treatment 𝗥𝗲𝘃𝗶𝘃 Vitaglow, enriched with the leading anti-aging ingredient glutathione. Restores hydration, rejuvenates the skin, restores youth to your skin while helping to “detoxify” vital organs.

NANOPEELING for cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing your skin! Nanotechnology peels are used to speed up the cell life cycle.

Treatment of Discoloration & Melasma

Do you want to get an alabaster skin, without melasma & freckles?

ABH offers you the solution!

Melasma is more common in women with dark skin because it stimulates the cells that are responsible for producing melanin.

At ABH Medical Group, Dr. Fatsea and her team use an award-winning range of techniques and treatments to treat melasma and discoloration.

Local Thickness Treatment

Leave behind the scourge that “haunts” you!

Local obesity afflicts many men and women, regardless of their weight.

You do not need to lose your confidence! ABH takes care of you and presents you 4 revolutionary methods that will make you get rid of local thickness!

4D High Definition

Dynamically lined and Athletic Body  now!

Exclusively from Dr. Athanasios

Are you dreaming of a slim and athletic body? It is not that difficult! 4D High Definition is the latest thing in liposculpture that not only gives a dynamic and lined body but also strengthens the muscularity, in just a few hours!

Discover the secret that Hollywood stars hide by visiting Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group.


Holistic body remodeling in 3 steps

Rebuild your body and see spectacular results with the new service protocol, exclusively by Dr. Dolly Fatsea.

1.Eliminate cellulite with the most advanced Spherofill treatment

2.Combating relaxation with straightening threads

3.Volume filling for sculpting & curve reinforcement

High quality and specialized services from Dr. Dolly Fatsea


Holistic facial remodeling in only 1 session

Reconstruct your face with the revolutionary, non-invasive treatment, D-LIFT. Exclusively, by Dr. Dolly Fatsea.

  • Smoothes wrinkles
  • Illuminates the area around the eyes
  • Redefines the oval of the face
  • Restores the lost volume


High quality and specialized services from Dr. Dolly Fatsea

Breast Augmentation

Get the breast of your dreams, without a second thought! Breast augmentation is the most common surgery, allowing you to get the breast of your dreams. Discover the inserts of new technology, only at ABH!

Vaser liposuction

Get rid of the “buns” and the “belly” now!

Discover the Vaser device that minimizes swelling and postoperative ecchymosis, while at the same time causing irritation of fibroblasts and tightening of the area.

This is how large amounts of adipose tissue are removed and we get rid of the local thickness!

Plastic surgery

Improve your appearance as much as you want!

ABH enables you to discover all the services around plastic surgery using revolutionary methods under the guidance of its fully specialized staff.

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