Lanluma | Butt Re-shape

LANLUMA is an innovative polylactic acid therapy. The fillers enhance the curvature and volume of all the body places that need it the most. It stimulates the natural collagen production and it lasts for up to 2-4 years! Trust the ABH Medical Group experts. Book a therapy now!

Touch of Gold

Aquagold is a revolutionary treatment, ideal for redness, wrinkles, open pores and oily skin. With 2400 microinjections per minute, Aquagold works effectively and needs no recovery time. Kim Kardashian loves it and you will, too. Exclusively at ABH Medical Group! Book an appointment!


An effective combination of two amazing treatments! The revolutionary SPHEROFILL method is the ideal elimination protocol for cellulite. Coaxmed acts complementary and smoothes out the fat cells while activating metabolism! Immediate and visible results. Your skin improves. Your clothes size goes down. 

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Cryolipolysis and lipodilution are effective against stubborn, stored fat in the abdomen, the thighs and the buttocks. It is ideal both for men and women. Enjoy 2 Fusion Med applications with 2 Injectable Lipodilution applications. Only at ABH Medical Group.

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HIFU Skinnovation

The arms and knees are places that concern us, as they accumulate fat and get looser with age. With HIFU we deal effectively with such problems and restore vigor and youth.

Take advantage of our offer. Enjoy HiFu with 250€!

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Melasma Dual Therapy | Spots Free

Put an end to hyperpigmentation with this unique three-stages package!

Stage 1: Melanostop peeling application
Stage 2: Mask with aloe
Stage 3: Mesotherapy with tranexamic acid and use of dermapen

Enjoy renewed skin without any discolorations and inhomogeneities.
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4D High Definition

Why fear,  when you can actually achieve it?

The revolution in liposculpture. 

A beautiful abs  lined body without effort, with a single visit to ABH Medical Group.

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The Ultimate process  for a perfect body! 

Application in 3 stages! Eliminates cellulite, fights skin relaxation, while sculpting and strengthening your body curves! An innovative method exclusively at ABH Medical Group.

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Raise your mood and put a smile on your face! Complete treatment process! Face lift, replenishment of lost volume and restoration of visible age signs! An innovative, non-invasive method exclusively at ABH Medical Group.

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Body in perfect harmony, without annoying accumulated fat in the “wrong” places.

Combine liposuction with liposculpture and highlight specific areas. 

Perfection is not science fiction! Place your trust in ABH Medical Group and its team of specialists.

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Breast Augmentation

With the most modern methods for breast uplift and enlargement as well as the scientific treatment of all breast issues, the specialized doctors of ABH Medical Group will help you regain your self-confidence.

Allow yourself to let go, in the hands of experts in order to feel better and become rejuvenated.

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Plastic Surgery

Improve your appearance to the extent you want!

ABH enables you to discover all the services around plastic surgery using revolutionary methods together with its fully specialized staff.

Local Thickness Treatment

Leave behind the scourge that “haunts” you!

Local obesity afflicts many men and women, regardless of their weight.

Now you do not need to lose your self-confidence, as ABH takes care of you and presents you 4 revolutionary methods that will rid you of the problem of local thickness!

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