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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation remains one of the leading plastic surgery procedures both in Greece and worldwide. Absolutely harmonious & natural result by the internationally recognized scientific team of Dr. Athanasiou.

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Buttocks Lift

With time, weight fluctuations, especially weight loss, but also lack of exercise, the sagging of the buttocks often requires surgical repair. Get shapely buttocks that enhance your femininity from the internationally recognized scientific team of Dr. Athanasiou.

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Changes in the vulvar area, especially after pregnancies and childbirth, make many women feel uncomfortable with themselves. Trust the functional & aesthetic restoration of the area to the internationally recognized scientific team of Dr. Athanasiou.


Laser treatment against discolorations and scars. The new generation binary technology that emits the uth laser both superficially and deeper effectively treats skin aging, discolorations, scars, scars, freckles and vaginal atrophy.


Application of polylactic acid on areas such as face, neck, arms, thighs, buttocks. This material causes neocolagenesis and filling of the tumor in places where it is needed.

It has multiple benefits:

Increases both volume (buttocks, face)
Improves the overall texture of the skin, making it more radiant and firm

M for Elbows & Knees

The cutting-edge Morpheus8 machine, first trusted by Kim Kardashian, promises spectacular results even in the most “difficult” areas: the elbows and knees where there is intense sagging and loss of firmness.


Combined treatment protocol for the definitive treatment of cellulite. Includes Spherofill treatment for targeted elimination of the “orange peel” impressions and pb serum infusion of a special cocktail of three recombinant enzymes for reconstruction, lipolysis and tightening.

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