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Total reconstruction and restoration post pregnancy


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Total reconstruction and restoration post pregnancy


Many women, that have given birth or have breastfed, notice that their body changes and they feel the need to reinstate it to its previous situation, mainly for aesthetic reasons, in order to boost their confidence and feel not only mothers, but women again.

To «mommy makeover»  is one of the most famous combinatorial methods of the plastic surgery field, designed specifically for the cure of problems, that women face after childbirth and breastfed. Appearances of Famous stars of Hollywood with flat belly and breast, right after childbirth, “haunt” the dreams of many women, that say “why not me?”

The specific surgical technique is not accidental that owns a high position, between all the other famous surgical operations.

«Mommy makeover» offers a complete improvement at the body image, which might change after childbirth, with the use of a specialized technique combination, bodycontouring. Suitable for every woman, depending on personal needs and particularities.

Ο The Plastic Surgeon faces every patient individually, with respect to personal needs of every woman this specific time period, when she tries to redefine her position and her needs.

The surgical approach begins with breast recovery. Either breast lift, or with breast augmentation with implants..

The plastic surgeon continues with belly restoration, with the liposuction method or the tummy tuck surgery. Then, all the necessary steps are added to achieve a successful result. The most important step is the detailed design and the evaluation of every patient’s need, in order to conduct an operation plan.

Woman body changes significantly while pregnancy. Changes lead to extra body weight or to hormonal system changes as well, which they affect the new mother dramatically and change her entire appearance.

Breast after the period of breastfeeding, can lose its vitality. Laxity or stretch marks might appear at tummy area. Also, extra body weight might that appear in areas that otherwise not be affected and the overall appearance of the body is not satisfactory to the new mother.

Some women find this insignificant while others believe these changes are severe enough to affect their overall psychological state. In these cases, Plastic Surgery can offer significant assistance.

Dr Athanasios Athanasiou and his specified team of ABH Medical Group have available a series of treatments and the latest technology, in order to achieve a successful result. Our goal is to boost your image and your psychology after your pregnancy, with a series of invasive and noninvasive treatments, completely designed on your needs



The following interventions are usually included

  • Breast lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Vaginoplasty
  • Tight lift
  • Buttock lift

Also, noninvasive interventions such as

  • Varicose veins treatment
  • Stretch marks treatment
  • Vaginal tightening
  • Melasma treatment
  • Acne treatment

Depending on the needs of each patient and the treatment plan which is agreed with the plastic surgeon, «mommy makeover» can be performed in one or more treatment sessions. This implies that the patient may stay in the hospital one to two days for preventive purposes but also to ensure her best care.

The treatments are performed in a hospital environment in the safest conditions under general anesthesia or intoxication.

The results are immediate and last for life as long as there is no weight change in the patient.


The “mommy makeover” can be applied 6 months after breastfed.

Of course, without any problems.

Silicone implants do not prevent breastfeeding. It is recommended to a woman who has had breast augmentation surgery, during breastfeeding and pregnancy to wear a good bra that will support the breasts properly.

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