Dr Michael Papacharalampous

Specialist Physician

Dr. Papacharalambous began his medical studies at the Medical School of the University of Athens and graduated in 1969.

He then received a degree in Special Pathology in 1972. In 1974 he completed his postgraduate studies in Pathology at Hammersmith University University Hospital. In the same year, he became Director of the Pathological Clinic of the “Agios Panteleimon” Hospital and Scientific Director. During his tenure he achieved the Development of Diagnostic departments but also the Installation of the first in Greece CT and Ultrasound Triplex in collaboration with Professor A. Nicolaides of the University of London. In 1987 Dr. Papacharalambous received postgraduate training in clinical medicine in Philadelphia, USA. at Thomas Jefferson Hospital. In the same year, he completed his PhD thesis at the University of Athens on the topic: The Carbonic Reaction of red blood cells, the importance of various diseases. In 1988 he became Chief Physician and Occupational Physician for Citicorp and Diners. Finally, in 2005 Dr. Papacharalambous founded the scientific company “Prevention and Anti-Aging” and in 2006 he founded the Polyclinic “ORTHOVIOTIKI”. Is he President of the Hellenic Society? Prevention and Anti-Aging.