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Beautiful breast has no age!


The female breast is a symbol of femininity and fertility for every woman.

However, this part of the body undergoes immense hardship mostly during pregnancies and breastfeeding and is subject to the effects of aging, body fluctuations and, of course, gravity. A woman’s breast may change in size, shape or quality, due to one or more of the above factors. Of course, there are plenty of cases of younger women who have no children yet or who have not breast-fed their children and who, either due to heredity or weight fluctuations, have saggy or droopy breasts.

Breast lift or mastopexy aims at improving the shape, size and structure of female breasts. It can be performed separately while it is often combined with the use of silicon implants that give extra volume and contribute to better maintaining the procedure’s result. Also, a breast lift may often be combined with a restriction of the area around the nipple if this is considered extremely large. In cases of small, ptotic breasts, the lift is combined with volume reconstruction with the use of silicon implants. However, in case of larger, ptotic breasts the use of implants is not necessary.

In ABH Medical Group, during your consultation with Dr. Athanasiou, plastic surgeon, you will be advised on whether you are eligible for breast lift, what to expect from the procedure and what shape or size will best suit your body type. In ABH Medical Group, according to international protocols, the specialised breast surgery team carries out a clinical examination and evaluation of the patient within the overall operation scheduling.

Frequently Asked Questions

The key feature that will take a woman to the plastic surgeon for a breast lift is laxity and the feeling of “empty” breasts.

Every woman who deals with this issue and is otherwise healthy and is not under any kind of medication that would otherwise keep her away from surgical procedures may be submitted to a breast lift.

During consultation with Dr. Athanasiou, plastic surgeon at Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, you shall be advised on whether you are eligible for a breast lift and you shall be informed of the anticipated result and the shape or size that is most appropriate for your body type.

In most cases nipple sensitivity or breast-feeding is not affected. However, we advise women to proceed with this operation only after they have given birth and breast-fed their children and when they decide that they will not have any more children. This is not because the procedure has risks or will cause problems, but because pregnancies involve weight fluctuation and hormonal changes that impact the breasts and affect their shape and size.

The surgery is performed in a hospital environment under general anesthesia or sedation in the safest conditions. The patient at the end of the surgery feels a little infestation. The recovery time is short while she can return to her activities after a couple of days. Post-operation patients will need to wear a special sports bra for 3-4 weeks. The sutures are usually absorbable while some are removed 12-13 days later. Patients are advised to avoid weight lifting while they can return to sports activities one month later.

The results are immediately visible. The change is obvious from the first post-operative day and the incisions are so small that they are considered viewless after a short period of time. At the beginning a small swelling is observed which subsides within the first month. The results are permanent as long as there is no significant weight change.

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