Hairexelixir Treatment with Exosomes

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Hairexelixir Treatment with Exosomes

The evolution of regenerative medicine based on Exosomes has revolutionized therapeutic applications.

The innovative Exelixir treatment is an elixir based on autologous platelet-derived exosomes, or Exosomes, which nourishes cells with all the necessary information to regenerate and rejuvenate the dermal tissue.

What does the treatment against hair loss with Exosomes offer?

The pioneering treatment with Exosomes is applied with excellent effectiveness to treat hair loss and stimulate the growth of hair follicles (Hairxelixir). By using Exosomes, all the necessary information is transmitted to the cells to stimulate blast cells to release growth factors, leading to the development of hair follicles.

What are Exosomes and how do they work?

Exosomes, which are responsible for the regenerative action of cells, are collected in a special way through a specific device. Exosomes are like microscopic payloads that carry information and nutrients inside them. They function as natural “bio-rejuvenators” and messengers between cells.

The bioactive molecules carried by the exosomes, such as proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids, facilitate communication between cells, tissue regeneration, and skin restructuring. By delivering vital growth factors and cytokines directly to the injury sites, Exosomes can optimize every stage of wound healing.

This results in faster and more effective wound healing, maximizing regenerative action. They transmit information to inactive cells to re-enable their function, resulting in the regeneration of dermal tissue.

When does the result appear?

The result is immediate, as gradual improvement is achieved through the production of new hair follicles. At the same time, existing hair follicles on the head are strengthened.

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